MCLMG Deliverables Centered Project Management (DCPM) Blog

An innovative and information blog about the Project / Program / Portfolio Management (PPPM) industry practices and how they are not providing clients and customers with sufficient project successes. The discipline needs to reorient its thinking towards the most important aspect of any project -- ITS DELIVERABLES. The MCLMG DCPM blog can provide you with the information that your organization needs to take back the current project discipline from "process-thinking" practitioners and get back to the business of providing "fit-for-use" deliverables to your clients.

MCLMG Risk Management Blog

Information blog about proactive risk management concepts at the PPPM level. New concepts beyond the traditional for use within the industry. The blog's main focus is on the implementation of a PROACTIVE mindset towards risk management that provides the valuable information needed by project teams to improve their project success rates.