MCLMG, LLC is an advanced Project Management and Business Analysis consultancy firm with expertise in Project / Program / Portfolio Management (PPPM), Risk Management, Decision Making Analysis, EVM/EVA, and Performance Auditing. MCLMG provides a complete supporting regime of training, coaching, and mentoring for your PM & BA teams oriented towards improving your project success rates through better decision making.

Our clients benefit from the application of advanced project management methodologies, deliverables centered focus, innovative metric & modeling building that focus your team's abilities on improving their decision making and risk analysis capabilities. As your team improves their decision making, your projects and those of your clients' are treated to a rising success rates as uncertainty is reduced surrounding decisions that matter.

Remember, effective project management is NOT about processes, but about the deliverables -- only the deliverables. Without deliverables, you have no projects. Let us provide you with the advantages of our over 120 years of combined project management and business analysis experience and expertise. We are moving project management out of the traditional and into the 21st century.